10-20 Project

Audio project release ⚠

Fragment from The « 10-20 Project » Jam Session, recorded on July 2020 at the Sailing Stones Headquarter, Kalaat Al Andalus, Tunisia.


« This Jam is a momentary experiment of radical improvisations around the most buried roots of the first Lockdown State of Mind,we tried to establish an arena of raw uncensored sounds where we found ourselves in the shades of human imperfection. »

10-20 Project Heavy Psych rock band from Monastir, Tunisia


Marwen Lazaar (Guitar)

Dhia Eddine Mejrissi (Bass)

Slouma Benz (Percussions)

Manef Zoghlemi (Drums)

Ghassen Abdelghani (Saxophone)

Mohammed Barsaoui (Didgeridoo)

Sound Recording: Ahmed El Fekih & Ismail Ben Abdelghaffar

Mixing: Ahmed El Fekih

Mastering: Dhia Abeda


You can also listen to it on Bandcamp and Soundcloud by following the links below:

•Bandcamp – 10-20 PROJECT


•Soundcloud – Sailing Stones


Special Thanks to Emna Messai for the Artwork.

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